Shift watermark option please.
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Andy A. on Feb 16 2011 2:41PM #1
It would be useful to be able to slightly shift the watermark on images in order to better see specific close-ups. I am not suggesting that you remove the watermark, just give users the options to move it over at least its own width.
Brett P. on Feb 28 2011 1:22AM #2

What you're suggesting is always a delicate balance for us. In all of our testing - it has been proven we sell more imagery by covering more of the photo with watermarks. By request of our visitors, we recently reduced the watermarks as well as increased the size of the viewer. Unfortunately, it held true and we saw our sales drop by 20%. I'm not suggesting that we are planning on changing back because the user experience is still very important to us. However, we are very much a rock soup operation - so every penny we take-in is imperative if we are to continue adding content to the website.

Best Regards

Andy A. on Mar 2 2011 2:46PM #3
Brett, I guess I wasn't clear enough. I am not suggesting that you remove the watermark or reduce its size in any way.
Instead, I suggest giving users the ability to shift it slightly. Think of the way that you would manually move a transparency laying over a photograph a very slight amount in order to see a detail that is obscured by a word. The amount of watermark remains the same, it is just shifted over a few millimeters. Since the watermark is a repeating feature, shifting it over slightly doesn't change its aggregate impact.
Jo M. on Jul 7 2011 11:44AM #4
Andy, I guess Brett wasn't clear enough. Allowing the watermark to be shifted by users would have a negative aggregate impact on their sales because people would just move the watermark to see what they wanted to see instead of buying the photo. I just discovered them...I don't want them to go out of business!
Lauren C. on Jul 16 2011 6:38AM #5
Jo M., I guess Andy wasn't clear enough. My understanding is that the purpose of the watermark is to prevent use of downloaded images, not to prevent you from "seeing what you want to see." If I can't actually see the area I'm interested in, I have no way of knowing what's there, and therefore no reason to buy the image.
Brett P. on Jul 17 2011 1:39AM #6
It's said and so true "For every achievement, there is a critic to devalue its worth."

Nathan B. on Apr 2 2016 6:30AM #7
Although shifting the watermark would be very useful, I believe that any ability to do so would allow users to use a pre and post shifted image to remove the watermark entirely with Photoshop or Gimp

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