How often does new imagery become available (especially 80s aerials)?
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Jesse P. on Jan 24 2012 11:39AM #1
Hello. First of all, I wanted to say I'm a huge fan of this site, and wanted thank you for providing it for easy access since I'm very much interested in retro and nostalgic things like this.

Personally, I was born and grew up in the 80s/early to mid 90s, so I especially love aerials from around then. Particularly for getting to actually see old neighborhoods, and even sometimes I like it for places I'm not familiar with. I think its great to have the "classic" images from the 50s and 60s as well, that really gives you an idea how an area developed over time.

I guess my basic question is, how often does new imagery get received? And, is it possible to access any of this for free from sites such as USGS (especially for the 1975-1995ish era)?

I'd especially be interested in anything more from the San Francisco Bay Area (especially Marin and Sonoma Counties, just out of range of the various images of the South Bay) and Sacramento areas of CA; as well as the Broward County/Fort Lauderdale/Miami area.
Brett P. on Feb 2 2012 10:04PM #2

Thanks for the nice comments. It is much appreciated.

We are constantly acquiring and adding imagery to the website. As far as the second part of your question there are other sources such as the USGS that provide historic aerial photos. Generally the photos that were taken by the government in the 1975-1995 range is at a higher scale due to budget cuts during that period.

Jesse P. on Feb 12 2012 11:19PM #3
Hi Brett, thank you for the reply! That's interesting, I didn't realize that, but it makes sense that the technology existed in the 70s-early 90s, but they were taken from further away if there wasn't as much money or a demand for it at the time.
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