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Devin L. on May 20 2012 6:02PM #1
When viewing Concord, California I can no longer see/access the majority of the aerial photo links. It appears that they are being Â?pushedÂ? out of the viewing area by some of the recently added terrain map links.
Brett P. on May 21 2012 12:39AM #2
Hi Devin,

We are aware of the problem. The topo maps are a recent addition and we didn't account for having too much content. Unfortunately, the javascript version of our website is at the bottom of the ladder as far as fixes. We should have a solution in a few days.

In the meantime, you can also install Microsoft's Silverlight. The run-time environment for Silverlight is available as a plug-in for web browsers running under Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. A free software implementation named Moonlight (not sure if this will work with our website as it requires version 4), developed by Novell in cooperation with Microsoft, is available to bring Silverlight versions 1 and 2 functionality to Linux, FreeBSD and other open source platforms.

As mentioned above we are aware of the problem. We will have a solution in place. Thank you for the feedback.

Best Regards

William K. on May 21 2012 7:30AM #3
I just installed the current version of Moonlight. It works! I had the same problem as Devin with some New Jersey locations. It's now solved, and the annoying red stripe is gone. Note to Brett - if your page can sense the user's OS, you might have the link in the red stripe send Linux users to if you haven't already done so.
Brett P. on May 21 2012 11:52AM #4

Thank you! That's great information.

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