multiple versions of same Topo map
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Robert S. on Jun 8 2012 7:27AM #1
I've been looking at the topo maps for the New York City area, and I've discovered a strange thing. Panning over the map reveals a variety of different dates in different areas but, except for a few particular dates, such as 1947 and a few from the 1960's forward, all the dates seem to display the same 1888 quads (none are actually dated 1888) with slightly different colors. Is this intentional as a "default", or an error?


Bob Sklar
Brett P. on Jul 9 2012 6:06PM #2
Hello Bob,

The United States Geologic Survey (USGS) would make changes to an original source map. Each year represents a revision (even if a subtle change was made) to the map.

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