Large gap between years for photos
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Brian D. on Jul 10 2012 12:59PM #1
I live in the Sterling Virginia in Loudoun/Fairfax County area. There is this large gap from photo to photo from 1979 to 2002. That was during the time when much of the development in the area took place. Are there no other aerial photos available for the area to bridge that 23 year period?
Brett P. on Jul 10 2012 8:58PM #2

There are certainly photos available between 1979 to 2002. However, we tend not to focus on imagery from the 1980s and 90s. In time, we hope to fill-in those gaps.

Ben K. on Aug 21 2012 9:09AM #3
@ Brian

While they work on filling in those years you do have a couple of other options available to you. If you absolutely need digital photos, there are several companies that specialize in aerial photograph packages (the competition), which generally range around $75-$100 for 1939 to present photos.

But if you just want to look at the original aerial photographs, your local soil and water conservation district usually will have a number of years of physical hardcopy aerial photograph sets available for free public viewing. They will also usually make a photocopy for around $1 - $2 per copy. But the image quality is usually that of a normal black and white xerox photocopy.

I am not saying this to minimize HistoricAerial's usefulness. It is by far the most comprehensive, convenient, and user-friendly source on the internet that I have found. You can sometimes luck out with a nice county GIS system, or the State Geological Survey website may have some convenient free data, but outside of paying commercial level prices, you can't beat
Ben K. on Aug 21 2012 9:11AM #4
convenient free data, but outside of paying commercial-level prices, you can't beat
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