No imagery between 1954 and 2002
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Steven W. on Aug 9 2012 10:51AM #1
In Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, and the towns nearby, there is a gap between 1954 and 2002. The area experienced rapid development between that 58 year gap. I am more interested in seeing images of the area during the 70s and 80s than anything else. Could you please post some images between that gap? Thanks.
Brett P. on Aug 11 2012 2:08PM #2
Hi Steven,

We are not limiting ourselves to adding imagery just for a specific geographic location. It is our preference to have historical aerial imagery available for the entire country opposed to having multiple years for only select communities.

The process is very labor intensive. The only way we would consider focusing on a given location is if someone or company would pay us thousands of dollars to make that a priority. You are not alone when it comes to making this type of request. Unfortunately, it is not feasible for us.

We are constantly adding content to the website. I would urge you to frequent the website, sign up to our newsletter or follow us on Twitter for announcements of new imagery added to the website.

Thanks for your interest in

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