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Brandon F. on Oct 17 2012 6:07AM #1
I'm showing historic aerials I obtained from this site to a local Conservation Commission to prove a former land use. Unfortunately, there are no other sources (at least easy sources) of old aerials around. After proving my point, a member questioned the efficacy of my claim, stating that he wanted verification as to the date of the photo. It's a 1961 photo of Rehoboth, Massachusetts, but saying that this site says so isn't enough. So how do I verify where the photos came from- where did Historic Aerials by NETR Online get them from so I can verify?
Brett P. on Oct 18 2012 5:09PM #2
Hi Brandon,

We are more than happy to sign an affidavit attesting to the authenticity of a date. This is frequently done when our images our entered as evidence during court proceedings.

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