Old Aerials for Palm Beach County
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Juan H. on Nov 1 2012 3:35PM #1
I was wondering when you could add more historical aerials of Palm Beach County? I am specifically interested in old aerials of West Palm Beach. I know that through various public agencies aerials from 1950, 1953,1964, 1973, 1991 and 1995 can be found. I hope that some of these can be added in the near future. Your website is really great.
Brett P. on Nov 1 2012 10:18PM #2

Thanks for the compliment. You happen to be in luck. We plan to add more historical aerials of Palm Beach County. If all goes as planned they should be available in the next few months

Juan H. on Nov 4 2012 8:42PM #3
Thats great to hear! :). Can we get a preview as to what years we might see? :-)
Brett P. on Nov 26 2012 2:41PM #4
I believe we have a 1952 data set. We are also adding a 1970 layer for parts of Palm Beach County. However, I am not sure if it will include West Palm Beach.

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