problems uploading to local print shop
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dover C. on Dec 10 2012 6:10PM #1
When I downloaded the files/aerials I purchased, my printer produces a very poor image. I thought I would upload to a local pharmacy/print shop - but I cannot figure out how to do this.

They seem to require jpg files only -

Do you have any suggestions for me to print hard copies for a minor court proceeding? It is a land use case, just using to prove consistent use.

thank you.
Brett P. on Dec 11 2012 11:23AM #2
Hi Dover,

There are a number of free online coversion tools available, i.e.
These conversion options allow you download as either a PNG or Tiff from our website and convert it to a JPEG.

Otherwise if you download the images to a flash drive and take it to a more professional (not a pharmacy) print shop you should not have a problem with either of our options. If you have a Kinkos in your area I am sure they can help you.

dover C. on Dec 11 2012 12:46PM #3
Thank you Brett! I used the website you recommended and it was EXCELLENT! Took scant moments (after much agita last night). Worked like a charm to convert to JPEGs, and instantly could download back to PC and then up to print shop. Thank you!!!!!
Brett P. on Dec 11 2012 1:13PM #4
That is great to hear, Dover. We should probably make the JPEGs available from the website. Something to have on the "To-Do List"
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