Search bar problems
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Jared H. on Apr 24 2013 8:37PM #1
I am using an Apple laptop and when I click on the search bar on the map, and type, nothing shows up. I can't search anything. Anyone know why?
Brett P. on May 3 2013 10:22AM #2
Hi Jared,

Not sure. Try this version of our website:

-Brett P
Len S. on Jan 30 2014 10:49PM #3
I am having the same issue.. on a MacBook Air.. Len
Brett P. on Jan 31 2014 11:55AM #4
Hello Len,

It could be a geocode issue. A quick test would be to enter a zip code or a city,state and see if imagery appears in the viewer. If it does, than it means our geocoder did not like the address you submitted or the way it was formatted.

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