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mike s. on May 29 2013 8:30AM #1
Anyone know how to get these images onto google earth? And will I need to purchase the images? Thanks!
Brett P. on May 29 2013 10:01AM #2

We provide the KMLs with the purchased photos which is necessary to be added to Google Earth.

-Brett P
Jennifer B. on Feb 6 2014 9:33AM #3
Does anyone know where to put THe KML files?

I've put the KMLs in both of the GoogleEarth file folders, and its root folder with no success (I get a red box with a big red x).

If you add the image as an overlay you can only load JPG, BMP, TIF, TGA, PNG, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PPM, PGM.

I would really like to be sure that I have the most accurate overlay for what I'm using the topos for.

Thanks all!
Jeff T. on Feb 11 2014 2:10PM #4
Sorry for the delayed response. I was finally able to recreate the red X scenario by installing the newest version of Google Earth on a system that previously had nothing set up. With my everyday computer, the imagery automatically drew correctly every time. I'm not sure if there was a setting that was changed by someone else, or if it just worked since I haven't updated my Google Earth for quite some time. The really strange thing, I can't figure out why the kmls are working on the old system.

You need to download the KML file, and also the .png file. Keep them together, in whatever location you put them. Also make sure they maintain the same name. If you must change the name of the png file, then you will have to relink that .png image to the KML. You can right click on your kml file in the google earth places listing. Go into the properties menu. Here you will have to browse to where/what you renamed your png file. Click open, then OK. Your PNG file should now be drawing in its proper location.

Hope this helps.
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