Wayne, NJ. Ovals near Willowbrook Mall area.
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ROBERT F. on Jun 15 2013 4:53PM #1
Does anyone familiar with the Wayne, NJ area know what the oval paths (look like running tracks or racing ovals) are located near the present Willowbrook Mall area? These ovals are present in the 1966/1955 and even the 1933 images.
Jeff O. on Jul 1 2013 3:34AM #2
Horse Racing stables were huge in this part of Jersey. Google "Preakness stables" for more info.
wayne m. on Jun 9 2014 3:47PM #3
i grew up on riverlawn dr which is right behind the mall use to play on that track they trained trotters their.
ROBERT F. on Dec 22 2016 12:59PM #4
Thank you everyone for your answers.
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