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Brandon L. on Mar 13 2015 2:35PM #151
Brandon L. said:
I noticed on a lot of the 2013 maps in my area a blurry compared to the 2006 can anyone explain this.

Also I just wanted to say it's a great website.
Jeff T. on Mar 17 2015 9:38AM #152
Thanks for your inquiry. The more current imagery that has been added to the site (2011-2013) is a higher resolution set of data. It is most likely "blurry" compared to some of the other years due to that. We will be adding more imagery in higher population areas down the road, which may replace some of that data. However, it's quite a large project and will be a very gradual process. For now, we were able to make those areas available with what we have ready. Keep an eye out and you may see some better resolution imagery replace some of the imagery in certain areas.

Don M. on Mar 24 2015 8:56AM #153
Hard to believe you could improve this site - it's been outstanding for the years I've had an account.. Imagery - the more the better. Example - Flushing Meadows during the two World's Fairs. It's not here but what an improvement that would make - for me :)
Scott M. on May 24 2015 2:14AM #154
add lat/long coordinates as found on Google Earth.

Thomas M. on Jun 27 2015 10:20AM #155
I've been buying from you guys off and on over the years, so I thought I'd offer some thoughts:

- As others have posted, I'd like to see an improved purchasing arrangement for multiple aerials. It could be a subscription or discounts for multiple copies. Say $20 for the first aerial, $17 for the second aerial, $15 for the third, and so on. I'd be delighted if you carried this to its logical conclusion where I eventually buy a large enough quantity that you end up paying me, but that's probably not gonna happen....

- Along those lines, your system doesn't allow for purchase of multiple aerials. There's no shopping cart. And to make it even more difficult for the user, after purchasing an aerial, I can't just go back and get the image just to the East, say. I have to redo the search from scratch. That's clunky and annoying.

- But wait, there's more! If I want to buy three aerials I currently need to make three purchases. And seeing three apparently identical purchases in rapid succession from an online vendor does not amuse my credit card company.

- I agree with others about the small size of your preview window. But I also see that if you make it much larger people will use that and not purchase your product.

- So make the preview window better. Move all the control items outside the preview window frame or allow them to be toggled on or off. Because your pricing arrangement encourages me to minimize my purchases, I really need to see the edges of the picture I'm obtaining.

- You should have some sort of statement clearly on your site as to what a purchaser's rights are to purchased images. Personal use only? Commercial use? Can they be resold? Clearly the original images from the USGS and USDA are public domain, but does your added georeferencing put on any copyright restrictions?

- It would be helpful if you included the image's flight date in the purchased image's metadata when it's downloaded. And I'd prefer having a full date, not just the year.

- I'd like to see an "About" link on your Historic Aerial site. I was able to eventually find one, but not until after going to the site map and then it was on another of your four sites. I prefer to know who I am dealing with.

- Finally, your forum Captcha arrangement is very annoying. I keep my Chrome very secure and thus can't see your Captcha. Didn't even know it was there. Had to redo my post in Internet Explorer. How many other posts are you not seeing?
Mark B. on Aug 11 2015 8:01PM #156
You can make it better by giving us the ability to view the aerials in full screen. Allowing us to view without the watermarks would be great.
Christopher D. on Sep 26 2015 6:48PM #157
I'm into metal detecting. This website is a precious tool to us detectorists.
The watermarks are my pet peeve along with sometimes having trouble going between the overlays and w/o overlays.

Still a great website!

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