Newfield Park - Minor League Baseball Park - Fairfield County, Connecticut
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Bill G. on Jul 28 2013 1:04PM #1
Aerial image
This is a 1934 image of Newfield Park on Newfield Avenue in Bridgeport. It was home of BridgeportÂ?s minor league teams beginning in 1898. In 1932 it was the home of the Eastern League's Bridgeport Bears. The Eastern League disbanded during the 1932 season but as we can see the park was still being used for football in 1934. The first pro baseball night game in New England was played here in front of 6,900 fans on August 4, 1930. Auto races kept the park alive in the late 1930s and in 1941 the Bridgeport Bees of the Interstate League called Newfield Park home. The franchise lasted only that one season. Coal rationing during WWII resulted in neighborhood residents dismantling the wooden grandstands bit by bit and nothing much was left by the spring of 1944. The city eventually foreclosed on the park for back taxes and today a public park exists on the site.
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