Candelite Stadium - Minor League Baseball Park - Fairfield County, Connecticut
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Bill G. on Jul 28 2013 1:13PM #1
Aerial image
This is a 1949 image of Candelite Stadium on River Street in Bridgeport. It was home to the Bridgeport Bees of the Colonial League from 1947 to July 14, 1950 when the Bridgeport franchise disbanded. The entire league folded two days later. As you can see Candelite was not only a baseball venue but was home to auto racing. This must have made for some very interesting outfield play. The white area in foul territory down the right field line was the outdoor terrace of a restaurant. One can imagine diners occasionally scattering to avoid an incoming foul ball. This later became the site of a drive in movie theater and is now an industrial area.
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