Harbor Yard - Minor League Baseball Park - Fairfield County, Connecticut
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Bill G. on Jul 28 2013 1:24PM #1
Aerial image
Harbor Yard has been home to the Atlantic LeagueÂ?s Bridgeport Bluefish since 1998.

I made four separate threads on this subject because I could not figure out how to post more than one image to a thread. If there is a way to do that please let me know by replying to this thread. I will then consolidate these four threads into one

Also, this site doesn't seem to like apostrophes.
Brett P. on Aug 7 2013 6:08PM #2
Hi Bill,

I found your threads very interesting and added the name of the baseball park to the subject line for each of them. Old ballparks are near the top of my favorite things to check out. Obviously the search engines will pick up on your thread but in the future I would like to have a "what is that" marker identifying features seen in the viewer.

Bill G. on Aug 16 2013 7:18PM #3
Thanks Brett. I like the addition of the names.
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