805 Grace Street, High Point, NC 27260
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Alice C. on Dec 11 2013 6:22PM #1
Aerial image
Do you have a picture of the house that used to be 805 Grace Street, High Point, NC 27260. If so, can you tell me how much it would cost to get a picture of the house.

Can you also tell me if the house was moved or torn down when College Street was added. Do you know what year the construction started.
Brett P. on Dec 14 2013 11:23AM #2

At the moment of this post, we have a 1965, 2002 and 2006 photo of that house. In the future, I would expect additional years will be available on the website.

Aerial photos dated 1989 and older are $20
Aerial photos dated 1990 to present are $5
All topo maps are $3

The imagery is downloaded from the website available as a PNG or Geotiff file. You customize the scale of your image with the free viewer.

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