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Raymond F. on Dec 26 2013 6:59PM #1
Two of us, him on his computer and me on mine, go to historicaerials.com and get a different home page layout.
For example, his window doesn't have a Survey tab but instead it has an "F" for maybe Facebook.
Also, at the bottom of his image, instead of a slider to zoom in and out, he has dots which he has to select, giving him
really lousy zoom resolution.
So what gives? Why are there such major differences. Oh, and we both have Windows 8.1.
Finally, when selecting T1905 and then T 1964, the same houses are shown as still being there in 1964 even though I
know personally that they are not there anymore since I was there at the sites in question.
Thanks for any help
Raymond F. on Dec 26 2013 7:10PM #2
Oh, by the way, yes, lol, I am replying to my own post.
I just wanted to say how much I love this web site. Trying to get others interested in it too.
Keep up the good work and thanks to all those who maintain and update this site.

Brett P. on Dec 27 2013 7:25PM #3

Good observation. We have a version written in javascript and another in Silverlight. The Silverlight plug-in allows for a more dynamic website. The javascript version is more universal for those that refuse plug-ins or dislike Silverlight. The plan is to have one version of the website in the future.

Raymond F. on Dec 27 2013 9:19PM #4
Ok, thanks for the feed back. I'll try installing the Silverlight plug in and see what happens.
I'll let you know how it works out. He isn't too computer savy so I'll have to go out to his place and install it. He lives
40 miles from me. His wife is a lot better with computers then he is so maybe she can install it.

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