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Al B. on Feb 11 2014 1:18PM #1
I purchased png files. Are they geo-referenced? I can pull them up in Google Earth and ArcMap, but they are not in the correct location. Is it that I need to convert something, or are they photo graphics only?
Al B. on Feb 11 2014 1:39PM #2
I figured it out. Didn't notice that there were different types of files to download, including tiff files.
Jeff T. on Feb 11 2014 1:53PM #3
Hello Al,
The PNG files you have downloaded are Geo-referenced. Make sure you have the PNG and the world file in the same folder. Also, if for some reason you change the name of your image, you must also change the name of the world file as well. For PNG files the world file is .pgw Hopefully, this will solve your issue. If you are using Google Earth, you can download the kml, and drag it into Google Earth viewer. As mentioned previously, make sure the png file is also located in the same folder and named the same as your kml file.

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