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Margaret M. on Mar 27 2014 7:59AM #1
In general, do you provide information required for a proper bibliographic reference/citation for a photograph? In particular, the organization that collected the photo, collection name, and any photograph reference number. Thanks!
Jeff T. on Apr 3 2014 3:04PM #2
When the imagery is purchased, we do provide the data source and a date range for the data set that your particular photo was pulled from. Specifically, it will say "USGS (09/05/55 - 10/23/55)" or similar depending on the dataset that the imagery is from. There are instances where the source will be blank. When we first started this project, not all of the metadata was entered. As we have progressed, we have enhanced what we include. Typically, if that information is not provided, we are able to manually track down the source, project code, and date range. If you make a purchase and the source and date range isn't provided, please contact us if you require this information. Using your order number, we can look into this and get that information for you, if it is accessible.

To deeper answer your question. We typically are not able to provide or find the contractor that flew the imagery, so the person who commissioned the project is typically listed (ie. USGS or USDA, etc). While the "collection name" (these are often given project codes by the government sources) isn't provided, often times it can be found with relative simplicity. When two data-sets overlap with each other, this can be a little more problematic. As far as specific date and specific photo number of the area in question. These are a little more complex to determine. While they can be determined upon request at times, it is often not possible. Due to overlapping images the date could vary due to overlapping flight lines that are often flown on multiple dates. In the same regard, the specific photo that an order is pulled from could vary also. Often times, a particular location could be from anywhere between 4 and 8 different images. Pinpointing the specific image that an order was pulled from could be a very tedious task.

If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to ask. If you require this information for a purchase, we can do our best to retrieve what data you need. I just don't want to promise we can provide it, in the event aren't able to track down the specific date or image number. Each situation will be different, and unless I know a specific order and location, I couldn't tell you any more at this time. Thanks

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