Unable to download a purchased image
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Staunton C. on Jul 7 2014 6:34AM #1
I purchased a 1968 image of the Richmond Virginia area and am able to view it just fine on the Historical Aerials page when I click on "View". From that page the options window is immediately to the left of the photo and that is where you find the "download" option from which you give the image a name and the destination on your computer where you want it. I do so on my 2011 iMac with Maverick updated software, and use the "pictures" application as my destination. It does not download. The administrator has thus far only suggested that I drag the viewed image to my desktop, but it does not drag, nor does it copy and paste. Furthermore, the site states that the downloaded image has more resolution than the viewed image so that wouldn't be acceptable to me even if it did work. Looking for suggestions or others who may have had this problem.
Brett P. on Jul 16 2014 8:04PM #2

I did not want this to appear as if this went unanswered. I know there has been communication through emails between IT and you. If you ever have problems please do not hesitate to contact me at 480-967-6752, ext 207.

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