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tns o. on Aug 6 2014 5:42PM #1
It looks like the resolution of "watermarked" website imagery is not as good as it was a month or two ago. Did something change, or am I just getting old?
Brett P. on Aug 14 2014 4:02PM #2
It has not changed. We do not degrade the imagery.
James E. on Nov 7 2014 9:17PM #3
I bought 2 images, 1961 and 1980 because I need to show a building inspector that features were present on a house when it was new or nearly new.
I can see those features on the sample images but not on the downloads because they don't zoom to the same resolution. Today is 11/7/2014 (almost midnight) in case there is a temporary problem, but I really need the good version zoomed in.
FYI, the features on the house are a finished attic with a small dormer and a kitchen added on the first floor in the back. The house was built in 1955 and the features are visible (barely) in the treeless 1961 aerial photo, sample version, but it has the 2011 copyright on it. With the attic the house can sell and be used as a 3 bedroom but with the attic space ruled unlawful it may not sell at all.
This is clearly a case where a good image can pay for itself!
Brett P. on Nov 9 2014 5:12PM #4

You customize the location and the scale of the imagery with the free viewer. What you see is what you get. If you are zoomed-out the purchased image will have more area. However, the scale is such that you will not be able to make as many details had you zoomed-in closer.

All is not lost. We can let you modify the images for free. Normally, we would be contacted by phone or email instead of through the forum so I'll send you an email in case you do not check back to this thread.

James E. on Nov 10 2014 5:00AM #5
So how can I modify the images? When I used the free viewer it didn't recognize me as a previous buyer.
When I go to my account and click the receipt line for the image I get the zoomed out version and no slider bar to zoom in.
I work at night so I'm going to sleep soon. If I don't see instructions here I'll try to call you before 5.
It's kind of tough deciding how big the image should be because I need to show detail on the house but the location and some date-indicating features have to be obvious.
James E. on Nov 10 2014 4:27PM #6
I got the e-mail with instructions, they worked, and the zoomed in 1961 image should work.
Many thanks to Brett!
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