Get just black window with copyright notice
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Christian S. on Oct 9 2014 6:23AM #1
Hi all,

when I am trying to view aerials and insert a name of a place, for example
"Presque Isle, ME" I just get a black window with the white copyright notice
"C 2011 Copyrighted material..."

I tried both Internet Explorer and Firefox. Silverlight is installed and I am
from Germany and not from the US and Canada.

Would be great if somebody could help me.

Brett P. on Oct 9 2014 4:15PM #2
Hi Christian,

It was temporary hiccup as a result of some software changes made during the middle of the night.

Keith H. on Oct 15 2014 4:46AM #3
also just receiving black screen with copyright notice. Using Explorer.
Bonnie W. on Oct 15 2014 6:30PM #4
also just receiving black screen with copyright.
p m. on Oct 17 2014 8:56AM #5
also receiving this black screen
david w. on Oct 19 2014 11:30AM #6
ditto on balck screen also here...I called and talked toa guy there....Said there were no problms...Its pretty obvuios there izzzz..Also none of there e/mails work either...
Richard s. on Oct 19 2014 6:29PM #7
Go to the bottom of the page and click on one of the NEW ADDITIONS . When the picture comes on then put the location in the top like you always do . First click on the New additions. It worked for me.
david w. on Oct 21 2014 12:21PM #8
Your so correct Richard on the way to get in!....go to new
additions and all works...Otherwise ur stuck on copyright screen!
Jeff T. on Oct 22 2014 11:51AM #9
Thank you all for your feedback on these issues. We are constantly working on improving the site. Some of these improvements come with a speed bump or two. Richard, thanks for figuring out a work around for the time being. We will continue to work on correcting these problems. Hopefully we can get these issues worked through quickly, and back to normal.

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