Is there a way to just pay one flat rate fee for all maps concerned?
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Brett P. on Nov 3 2016 9:19PM #21
Our beta site for the new HistoricAerials website is up and running. I am will be finished and can be launched (at last) sometime in January.

Greg M. on Nov 12 2016 2:14PM #22
Awesome. I continue to check in from time-to-time - looking for this feature. It might be useful to have an email once every other month or so that lists site improvements.

I know you are a young site. The big boys are all moving to subscription models ( ie. MS Office365 and such ). I spent $100 last year and $-0- this year.

For the ability to just browse and download, my ability to spend money on my map/aerial habit is quite a bit North of that. As it is, what I really want would cost me North of $1,000/year. That's kinda spendy ....
Ken C. on Jan 9 2017 12:47PM #23
This is great news. What would the fee be?
James M. on Jan 12 2017 10:37AM #24

Any news on the progress toward the flat fee subscription service?

Brett P. on Jan 18 2017 10:41AM #25
It is getting close. We have a functional website that is being refined and tested for bugs. Some planned items will be added to the website post launch to expedite the release. I expect some delays for the legal review of our terms and conditions. Otherwise, it looks like were down to weeks as opposed to months from now.
Gary M. on Feb 9 2017 9:54AM #26
+1 what the others said on the subscription model...I am a huge map geek, but the numbers here don't work for me...
Brett P. on Feb 17 2017 4:01PM #27
The plan is to launch the new website on Monday, February 20th, 2017 (Presidents' Day). Stay tuned!
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