Is there a way to just pay one flat rate fee for all maps concerned?
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Brett P. on Feb 9 2016 10:47AM #11
Kristin & Prentice,

We have made some progress. Although, it has been slower than I had hoped. We are at a crossroad of possibly stripping some features so that we can launch it sooner.

Brian D. on Feb 20 2016 9:54AM #12
This is a great site, but $20 per aerial is well outside my economic power. A subscription of around $50 per month would be much more affordable.
Dalton L. on Feb 24 2016 8:56PM #13
I am new here and also agree a subscription would be very effective. Would be interested.
josh m. on Mar 19 2016 5:53PM #14
I would also enjoy a subscription if it included full screen with no watermarks.

Please keep in mind casual users vs businesses. I'm sure there are a bunch of us that just enjoy browsing these historical images just for fun. However, there are also people or companies that use the data for research or for other professional reasons. I'd recommend a route similar to the way TeamViewer runs their subscriptions - they charge businesses a higher price to use their software. A corporate account vs standard user account would be ideal for something like this site since us casual users can't afford the same prices that businesses can. Something to consider anyway! :)

I'm excited for the future of these, it's really a blast browsing the past. Keep it up!
Katherine L. on Jun 2 2016 1:31PM #15
Brett, any news about subscription? It'd be much easier to pay a fee and see no watermarks at all than to buy maps piece by piece.
Brett P. on Jun 2 2016 7:32PM #16
The building of the new website has been a struggle. Much tougher than anticipated and is still a work in progress. My best estimate is the new website is 60% complete. It also scary to change up the business model as the website sales have been growing substantially. The fear is it might curtail or cannibalize revenues which otherwise could be used to reinvest in more content. Therefore, there is much we must consider as it is developed.
Donald M. on Jun 24 2016 11:45PM #17
Unless I am missing something, the sales of individual topo maps and aerial photos can't be sustainable in light of the fact that both products are available for free to anyone at the USGS TopoView and Earth Explorer sites respectively. What you can't get from those sites are what everyone here is asking for - the ability to browse seamless mosaics through a subscription without watermarks.
Greg M. on Aug 23 2016 1:54PM #18
I posted last summer ( in June ). I have not contributed one dime since because I'm still waiting for a subscription model.

I wonder how many people check out the site, look at a couple of things and say $20? For one inalterable image? What a funny site. Ha ha.

The $100 I spent last year sure isn't helping this year. .... waiting ...
Brett P. on Aug 25 2016 12:00PM #19
Donald & Greg, etal,

We had to switch things up. Rebuilding the website proved to be a bit imposing for the lead developer hired for this project. Therefore, to be kind you might say we moved up the food chain in this area. It has only been six (6) weeks since we literally started from scratch. We have accomplished as much in six (6) weeks that took us nine (9) months in our first crack of the subscription model. Not an exaggeration. My hope is that we will have a beta site that can be thoroughly tested by October. If all is well by the end of the year it will be available to the public.

Katherine L. on Nov 3 2016 5:01PM #20
Any update on that?
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