Links seem to be broken....
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Usually L. on Jan 12 2015 6:26PM #1

I'm thinking there's been a change of late. Wasn't there a direct URL creation button that would take you back to a given position/year/zoom/ etc? I don't find it now. I tried the twitter generator but the URL I got from it:
just flips back to the initial view
Jeff T. on Jan 20 2015 1:01PM #2
To answer your question, Yes. We have made several changes on the back end of our website lately. There will be more to come as well. That being said, I have not been able to recreate your problem. If I copy your link into a browser, it goes to Howard county 1963 at a 500ft zoom level. I have tried this on several different browsers and multiple different computers with multiple operating systems. Is this an issue you are still having? It's possible that you may have stumbled across this problem in the midst of a change.
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