KML file imported into Google Earth produces a big Red X
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Randolph B. on Jan 24 2015 10:11PM #1
I downloaded the KML file from this website and imported it into Google Earth and the image produced a big Red X on the screen where the image should be superimposed. I have done this before with other files and have never had this problem. Any suggestions?
Jeff T. on Jan 26 2015 10:03AM #2
This seems to happen from time to time. There could be a couple different reasons for the problem. Did you download the png file when you downloaded the KML. The KML helps align the photo in Google Earth, but you must have the actual photo on your machine as well.... Sometimes you have to delete the KML out of Google Earth and drag it back in to correct this problem after you have the PNG (refresh didn't work when I tried it.)

The other possible cause for this problem is if you changed the file name. The KML points to the specific PNG file. If you change the name of the KML and the PNG file, you also have to change the link in the properties of the KML file to the new name of your PNG. It's better to just leave the names of the files alone because it requires more work to properly display them.

If neither of the solutions work for you, let us know and we can try to figure out the problem together.

Randolph B. on Jan 27 2015 7:52AM #3
Message to Jeff T. : I don't know who you are; are you one of the owners of this company or an interested bystander but your solution worked perfectly!!! Thank you so much! Randy
Jeff T. on Jan 29 2015 9:10AM #4
Very glad I could help Randy. I'm the guy that make sure we are constantly putting up new content, and from time to time I get to solve problems for customers. Thank you for your business!
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