3D: terrain, camera orientation, and projection
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. on Feb 22 2015 8:39AM #1
Currently there's no terrain, the camera only points straight down with up pointing north, and it's orthographic only.

Has historicaerials.com ever considered using http://cesiumjs.org/demos.html ? It's a powerful WebGL virtual globe engine that doesn't require any plugins.It's very flexible, you can already choose imagery from a variety of sources such as Bing, ESRI, OSM(OpenStreetMap), and MapQuest.

Viewing Bing, OSM, and MapQuest imagery with terrain on is pretty cool! Also you can't smoothly zoom in historicaerials, rather it zooms in steps. It would zoom smoothly if using a WebGL engine such as Cesium.
. on Feb 22 2015 8:47AM #2
Upon further observation it does seem to zoom smoothly, but only briefly, quickly locking onto certain zoom steps (presumably to maintain a 1 to 1 pixel ratio between the display and image.)
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