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Steve D. on Mar 17 2015 10:38AM #1
I added the KML and png to the download files for three topos. Two of three worked perfectly. The last one shows a symbol similar to the Big Red X, but this symbol as two curved arrows. Can anyone assist?
Steve D. on Mar 17 2015 10:39AM #2
cecil w. on Mar 17 2015 3:37PM #3
Please try re-downloading the files again. Make sure you remove any previous files in your downloads folder to prevent your browser from making duplicate files appended with (1) etc. as the kml file looks for the image by name in the kml file and if an image with that name already exists your browser will rename the file.

Also be sure to keep the image file in the same directory as the kml file.

You can also open kml files with notepad and see the name of the image it is looking for
(right click kml->open with->select notepad)

If you continue to have issues please contact support.
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