use of imagery for tracing?
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Richard W. on May 2 2015 9:19AM #1
i'm an active participant in the OpenStreetMap and OpenHistoricalMap projects. you are a valuable source of historic imagery. i am wondering about the potential use of you imagery in support of OpenHistoricalMap; we don't need to reproduce the imagery, but it would be nice to be able to trace from it. we of course have no money to spend, so this is really a request for you to chip in to the OHM project.

here is an example of the historic road courses from Thompson Speedway for an example of the kinds of stuff we're trying to do:
Brett P. on May 19 2015 7:15AM #2
Hi Richard,
Interesting project. I am not exactly sure what we would need to provide to you. Although, it is not free, we are working on a subscription service which might be able to support your effort.
Richard W. on Jun 9 2015 9:24AM #3
from a technical viewpoint a WMS or TMS layer would be ideal.

from a licensing point of view, OHM & OSM are open data projects with little to no money. so anything i put in OSM must be licensed under the Open Data Base License and while OHM terms aren't quite settled yet, anything i put there might need to be licensed under what's called CC0 (which is equivalent to public domain.) so you'd need to be ok with map tracings from the imagery becoming available under that sort of license.
Richard W. on Jun 9 2015 9:39AM #4
here is a link to some demos, these were in support of a presentation i gave at State of the Map US ( this past weekend:
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