Recent server issues and Phone messages
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Jeff T. on Oct 2 2015 2:17PM #1
I recently posted this reply in another message about the phone calls and server down time. I realized that it may not be read by people since it was half way down the discussion. That being said, I wanted to repost the response in it's own discussion as well.....

As you can see we've been able to get some of the imagery back up and serving. We are hoping to have the rest back before the weekend, but I'm not making any promises because this is a situation where nothing has gone according to plan. Even when we get the rest up, there may still be some stuff missing, we will have to systematically work through our thousands and thousands of files and folder. It won't be perfect immediately.

We have had TONS of phone calls and emails. Please know that we aren't ignoring you and we do care about you all as customers. This is just a much easier method. I can't call back 45 people from this afternoon alone who just called to ask if we have any update on when it'll be back up yet. There's only a couple of us here to work on the software/hardware issues and we can't tell you if we don't know exactly when. So, if you've tried to call and haven't got a response, it hasn't fallen on deaf ears. Our highest priority is to get things as close to normal as possible, as quickly as possible. It's not easy when you are working with MANY Terabytes of data.

Sorry for any frustration or inconvenience, this is very much a sleepless nights frustrating situation for us, so bear with us because we WILL beat this and get it fixed.

Larry T. on Oct 2 2015 6:16PM #2
Back in business. Thanks for the hard work ! Love the site.

Larry T
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