historicaerials user interface broken
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Ed P. on Oct 17 2015 12:48PM #1
As of this morning 10/17/15, the interface has changed to an elongated interface and it no longer works properly on mobile devices. It used to fit on the entire screen. Now cumbersome scrolling is required to use the interface zoom and compare slider.

Does the interface graphic really need to have canada and mexico on it?

Please return the user interface prior to this one. You know... The one that worked.

It was working fine yesterday 10/16/15.
Ed P. on Oct 21 2015 1:21AM #2
Well, it was fixed(with some glitches and lockups) but everything fit on the screen as it did prior to the "upgrade"

Unfortunately, it reverted to the broken user interface. This design is tablet unfriendly. Please revert to the original design. PLEASE!
Pat R. on Oct 22 2015 12:37PM #3
As of noon today, it's still glitch. It just sits & spins for me. Normally it's really cool. I wonder if it's monetarily induced. I would be okay with a small "club fee" for those of us who look a lot, but don't buy much. The prints I did buy came out on nice heavy paper. I would like to point out that those of us who are looking and not buying now have no reason at all to come back here, and probably can find elsewhere to look and to buy.
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