Map Searches Not Working
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Donald M. on Nov 1 2015 4:45PM #1
This problem seems to date from the software test and downtime from a month ago but has now become enough of an irritant to report it. I am using maps from the Black Hills of South Dakota for a personal project. Searching for maps centred on any given town in the Black Hills worked fine before the test blow-up, but is largely non functional now.

Type "Lead South Dakota" in the main page search box and you will be taken to a point over 10 miles away. Type "Hot Springs South Dakota" and you will be taken to a seemingly random point 360 miles away near Sioux Falls. With the exception of Rapid City, I can't get a search for maps of any Black Hills town to come closer than 10 miles away.

There is also a random glitch, where sometimes when you land on one of these random sites and the map is locked in place and cannot be zoomed or panned. Hitting refresh and re-entering the destination will generally fix the map locking, but it will still take you no a point nowhere near the typed destination.
Donald M. on Nov 2 2015 8:16AM #2
The problem seems much more widespread than I thought. Try the following searches using typing variations of West Virginia's capital and largest city. Enter the searches exactly as typed below respecting capitalization and punctuation.

Charleston, West Virginia

This search term takes you to a point just outside Washington DC.

Charleston WV

This search term takes you to a point approximately 20 miles south and east of Charleston.

No search combination of Charleston, West Virginia or WV, no matter what the punctuation or capitalization actually places you in Charleston.
Katherine L. on Nov 3 2015 6:03AM #3
And now it shows "Address seems to be invalid" whenever I try to search for any valid town and street name.
Hubert H. on Nov 3 2015 4:53PM #4
Can confirm these reports of the site being unusable.
Searches earlier to today returned locations many miles away. Recent searches get "address seems to be invalid" even for simple, obvious searches ("Des Moines" or "Des Moines Iowa". Also have hit the site locking problem noted above
Jeff T. on Nov 9 2015 2:05PM #5
I believe this issue has been corrected. Thanks
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