Maps not working now.
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Steve B. on Nov 1 2016 5:21AM #1
Maps are not working for me. I am trying to view maps of NJ. I used to have no problem but for some reason maps are not working atm.
Jeff T. on Nov 1 2016 10:19AM #2
Hi Steve,
We've had some hardware issues in the middle of the night the past couple days. Therefore, the imagery hasn't been showing up until someone gets in AND realizes there's a problem. We believe we know what the issue is and we're working to confirm the diagnosis. Hopefully, if we are correct we can have this issue resolved today. Or at least have a work-around until we can get replacement hardware. Thanks for letting us know there's a problem, we are aware and working on it. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Daniel P. on Nov 22 2016 7:25AM #3
I too cannot see the maps. The box is empty where the map should be. Will this be corrected soon ?
Kevin S. on Nov 22 2016 8:41AM #4
Nothing showing
Jeff T. on Nov 22 2016 12:40PM #5
Everything should be working fine now. Thanks!
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