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Ricky B. on Nov 28 2016 2:42PM #1
Is it possible to see the picture in full before purchasing?
Jeff T. on Nov 28 2016 5:09PM #2
Hi Ricky,
That's exactly what you are getting with the viewer window. What you see in the viewer, at the scale you are looking at, is exactly what you will get when you purchase the image.
Jason O. on Dec 9 2016 8:35PM #3
I just purchase an aerial assuming the large box pixels was for the repeated copyright logo. When I purchsed the aerial it was the same but without the copyright. However, the preview of the purchase is has no large pixels. How do I get that image?
Jeff T. on Dec 12 2016 11:53AM #4
Jason, I think i found your order based on the name and date. It looks like you're way too close. If you're zoomed in beyond the native resolution of the original photo it actually looks worse than if you're not zoomed in far enough. In this instance you're probably a level or maybe even two zoom levels too close. As far as the question about the preview window in your order history screen. It's very deceptive and very inacurate at times. This is a tiny little preview that isn't scaled. It's only there as a reference to the last order placed. The viewer window that you search and click purchase in is exactly what you will get, that preview could essentially be disregarded.

Send me an email through the contact us link, confirming your order number and that you want to get a better image. I'll get back to you with instructions on how to exchange your image for a better one.
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