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Tom F. on Jul 7 2009 9:59PM #1
I have to say when I found this website a few months ago I was instantly in hogs heaven. Not only am I a history buff I am also an avid model railroader and this site gives me an opportunity to find out were old railroad lines use to run. You can always ask the old timers were this stuff use to be but to accually see it from the air is just priceless. Its pretty cool to see old Roundhouses that have been long since torn down along with there rail yards to go with them. The other cool feature is seeing B-29s and Hustlers at Kelly AFB San Antonio TX in 1955.

Tom F. on Jul 7 2009 10:02PM #2
Aerial image
Brett P. on Jul 18 2009 1:51PM #3

Thanks for the nice comments. When we started one of my employees mentioned that I should advertise in the model rail road magazines. I thought he was crazy but he proved to be correct. From the very beginning model railroad hobbyist have been our more active site visitors.

Andy S. on Jul 22 2009 9:39AM #4
I TOTTALY agree with Tom F. Being from Chicago, there are literally tons of train spots. I like to have the split view to seen then and now!
Chris H. on Oct 13 2009 9:30AM #5
Aerial image
Here's an old roundhouse in Emporia, KS. Just this morning we added imagery for this area in 1938, 1945, 1959, 1968, and 1979.
Richard B. on Nov 18 2009 10:24PM #6
You could sell a bunch of maps if you cover old train yards.

Barstow, CA springs to mind at once.
Brett P. on Nov 19 2009 6:16AM #7

Richard B said:
You could sell a bunch of maps if you cover old train yards.

Barstow, CA springs to mind at once.

Hi Richard,

I agree. I?ve been amazed in the interest in old train yards, drive-in theaters and golf courses. None of these came to my mind when we first launched the website but now find worthy of note.

mike b. on Aug 29 2013 9:24AM #8
I hope the people who are enjoying your website are also purchasing images :-)
I know I did if for nothing else other than to support your business
Brett P. on Sep 10 2013 6:43PM #9

Thanks for the purchase and support. It is much appreciated.

Peter B. on Aug 2 2015 4:29AM #10
I've been using the site for years to decipher old RR ROWs for my model railroad planning needs, specifically the Chicago area. It's like a time machine! The coolest is to find my house where I was born 50 years ago and see my Dad's old car and the way the backyard was laid out. Heck, if the older satellite photography was as clear as modern GPS, I maybe could see my young self, my brother and parents on any given day...
Definitely a great resource.
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