Who wants a Historic Aerials app for their mobile device?
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Brett P. on Aug 11 2012 2:16PM #31
HistoricAerials.com is going mobile. It is currently under development.

mike h. on Aug 21 2012 3:17PM #32
That would be great. Especially if it uses your phone's gps for your location on the map.
Kelly C. on Nov 14 2012 5:44AM #33
Ted C. on Dec 10 2012 10:44PM #34
Any update when a mobile app will be available?
Brett P. on Dec 11 2012 11:28AM #35
As mobile devices have become more popular over the years, we have received many requests to develop a mobile-friendly version of the site. Recently, we launched the first phase of a new, mobile-friendly version of Historic Aerials. While we have not built full functionality on mobile platforms, the key feature of the site has been optimized for space constrained, touch displays.

To use the mobile version of the site, simply visit http://www.historicaerials.com/ on your mobile browser!
Steve S. on Jan 16 2013 3:52PM #36
I would definitely use it. In fact I've held up buying an iPad due to the lack of features in the app's present form. (I tried it on my wife's iPad.) Using Historic Aerials in the field was my main motive for buying an iPad but unless I'm missing something it's not functional for me in it's present form. If the app is fully developed I'd like to add my vote for use with GPS. Thanks for all you do!
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