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2017-04-01 22:09:24 ralfwho A little free advice from someone who has been writing (mainframe) software for 49 years. Successful rollout requires testing on EVERY (repeat E-V-E-R-Y) platform/browser/OS combination that is practical to test with. If you're looking to produce a quality product that will not have teething problems that might cost you customers, you have to set aside a dozen or so machines that are used for testing only. If I was cutting code in your market, I'd invest in a half-dozen MACs and a half dozen PCs running current, -1 and -2 generations of OS, running Chrome, Safari, Explorer, etc. There is nothing more aggravating (from a development viewpoint) than sending out code to the marketplace that works great on one platform only to find out that a -1 level of OS on a MAC with Safari fails badly. Given the wide variey of complaints in this forum, I think you'd be hard pressed to convince anyone that appropriate multi-platform function testing has been done.
2017-04-01 22:11:53 ralfwho Slide in not working on OS X El Capitan 10.11.6 with Safari 10.1.
2017-04-02 10:29:24 ralfwho (and it worked swell before this last upgrade)
2017-04-03 06:53:59 MapSurfer Free advice is worth exactly what it cost. I've written code over the years as well. Started out with Fortran and then COBAL developing accounting software working for IBM. When the internet became profitable I moved on to Perl, PHP, Java writing shopping cart and catalog apps... as well as a little HTML/XML. One thing I had to learn is that coding for applications requires in-depth debugging, but, coding for the web means you shoot for the top of the curve. If you're still trying to ensure your code runs on Windows 3.1 with Mosaic at 640x480 then you'll never get out of development. I'm sure these guys realize there are issues with the current iteration but I'm also sure they would benefit from repeatable, documented observations more than from free advice.
2017-04-03 13:07:56 Jeff ralfwho, I think your impression of the size of Historic Aerials is drastically misguided. Even so, we have done a TON of testing in Windows environments and it seems every issue we resolve causes another somewhere else. If you'd like to supply us with a "half-dozen" Macs to use for testing, we'd happily accept them. Otherwise we'll stick with the limited amount we have and keep working on solutions when we get actual information that we can work from.
2017-04-03 13:18:56 Jeff MapSurfer, You are correct. While we had aspirations to make the site compatible with any and everything. We are discovering there will be some scenarios that we cannot develop for, without hindering our progress going forward. Explorer seems to be a huge issue, most of the problems we are experiencing in other browsers the last few updates, have been caused by trying to correct bugs in IE. Microsoft moved to Edge in it's most recent Windows for a reason. We seemed to have Chrome and Firefox running consistently well in both Windows and Mac. While it's not ideal, if users are experiencing issues in browsers that aren't able to support the technology advancements going forward, it shouldn't be that problematic to download a browser that will. In the meantime, we'll keep working on correcting problems that users are experiencing. As long as we keep getting useful feedback on what's broken, and the environment that is the problem. Thanks for your support and understanding.
2017-04-03 16:47:11 brfeurtien I use the site on a PC and a MAC. The MAC version does not work. I tried on a few MACs with various levels of recent OS and none of them work (using Safari). I think ralfwho's analysis of your multi platform function testing is right-on, unless, of course, your target market is only Windows users. Suggestion: provide a list of these platforms and browsers that are KNOWN to work.
2017-04-04 05:06:51 MapSurfer brfeurtien... I'm using a MacBook Pro, running the latest OS and using Chrome (57). Works fine for me. I rarely use Safari but I'll check it out later this evening. At work I'm using Windows 7 Enterprise, Chrome (57) and Internet Explorer 11. Works fine on both.
2017-04-17 17:46:08 jimshuh Macbook PRO using Safari doesn't work. Used to.
2017-04-17 17:51:24 jimshuh ...and a list of platforms/browsers that are known to work (or a list that don't) would be helpful.
2017-04-17 18:43:04 jimshuh When in dissolve mode, the ONLY combination that works as advertised is when "MAP" is chosen from the right selection box. Any other choice of date (map or topo) fails to display. That is, only the choice from the left box is displayed, and NOT in split mode. Again, this is MAC OS El Capitan using Safari 10.1
2017-04-18 07:48:53 pordy fwiw I use the site on 3 different macs (3-5 years old) and all work fine.
2017-04-20 21:16:51 Brett Should be working fine when using Safari 10.1 now
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